Saturday, 22 February 2014


Husband/Wife teamwork right here!! She had them outside and now they are toasty in the barn :)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentine's & Random

We have been fairly busy around here with Valentine's Day shenanigans, playing outside (finally), extra kiddos, chores and our first couple of calves. Here is a taste in pictures:

 Tent in the porch so little ones couldn't tear it down, have to get creative when it's too cold to go out!!
 Made crowns for fun one day!

 This is what the flour 'fun' looked like after the whole day!!! ............It was still worth it.
 Rag weed hill behind the house is fun for sliding!

 The boys making heart pizzas on Valentine's Day.

 Kids with their Valentine's gifts. I just could not get a good picture of them lol......
 Tanner requested blue pancakes for lunch that's what he got!

 Valentine's outfit from Mommy & Daddy.
 I got a haircut.....cut my bangs short again!
 Pizzas, baked.
 Our Valentine's craft for the day.
 My chore partner again!! This girl LOVES it outside.
 We were the silage crew.
 Driving along...................................................................................................................................
Till we fell asleep at the wheel!! Hauling silage is hard work!

Have a great night! -I will be up for awhile yet, I offered to check a heifer at 1 so my Hubby can sleep ;) I should get wifey of the year award lol........No really!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

For real! Just because!

My hubby went to the Auction Mart today to watch our calves sell and brought me home flowers! I'm saying it's for no reason because I already got a Valentine's Day gift (muck boots). Made my day, like I said in my earlier Valentine's Day present post, flowers aren't #1 in my list of go to gifts for me (I'm too practical hence the boots) BUT I will not say no to them either. They are beautiful, with some of my favorites in there, like daisy's.

Have a spectacular evening!

Monday, 10 February 2014

A little perspective goes a long way...

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because I'm trying really hard not to take anything or anyone for granted. And even as I type that last sentence, I know darn well I take so much for granted.

Let's be honest here, lately my kids have been driving me nuts. Not going to lie! Let's rewind about three years. I'm a new Mom, just loving life on maternity leave. And as I'm sitting there rocking my very content little baby boy I'm thinking, this is easier than I thought it would be! (once we got nursing down and a c-section out of the way that is ;)) Not saying that looking after one baby is a piece of pie but man oh man do I wish I could go back to that more often than not lately.

But. This is where my perspective comes in.

My son. Oh my beautiful, chubby cheeks, soaks everything in to the max, son. He loves to take his sweet time.

There I am,  blowing my top because he is so painfully slow to even GET to the porch, never mind the getting dressed part. Just to see that he had to give sister a hug first before continuing on his way.

There I am, steam coming out both ears when all I want him to do is Get. In. The. Van. and there he is gallavanting in the waist high snow, because it's so beautiful out Mom, just look how nice it is!

He will do the pee dance like no other, I swear!! Unbelievable. Play dough is just way more important than peeing. "I don't want to pee right now"! So when I finally convince him to go to the bathroom he pees alright. Everywhere but the toilet!!!!!!!! Oy. I'm telling you, whatever you do, do not read newspapers/magazines in our bathroom.

Not to mention he fights with his sister constantly! Siblings fighting is going to be the end of And I know it's just the beginning!

And Miss Ali, precious, devious, coniving, breathtakingly adorable little whirlwind that she is, just about pushes me over the edge!!!!

Just when I think I have her beat, I find her on the kitchen table.

And then there's a toothbrush in the toilet!

And then there's a toothbrush in the scentsy pot!

And then she's flying past me with a grilled cheese crust in her hand from the garbage can!

And she dearly loves the poke the bear aka Tanner!

And then she's pulling someone's hair!

Then she's dragging someone around by their shirt or teething necklace!

Then she's outright slapping people.

And last but not least she is shoving peas up her nose!  (definitely not the last story in my books of either of them!!)

So, your probably wondering where I'm going with this? I may sound like I complain a lot. And perhaps I do. But know this, I LOVE all of the above. ALL. Of. It. I would not trade it for the world. Yes my kids drive me nuts on a daily basis, but I HAVE kids to drive me nuts! That's pretty friggon awesome. Yes my son likes to take his time but there is a reason for that and that quality will help him excel at something, someday in his life. In fact I should follow his example more! My daughter is going to be a beautiful woman who will stand up for herself and be exactly who she wants to be.

To wrap this post up, when you feel as though all your doing is complaining, take a step back and really look at what's going on. And if you have to, look up the definition of perspective. It's not always as bad as we make it out to be!


Ps. People with no kids, give parents a huge pat on the back! It's so so hard to be a parent and I don't think we get enough credit for what we do! We are trying so very hard to make our children model citizens for this crazy world we are in! Cheers!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Random five friday

1. Our power was out for two hours last night. Not sure what happened but it just seemed that it was our little part of the community. According to fb lots of other peoples lights flickered but stayed on. After an hour of trying to play eye spy in the dim candle light we retired for the night.

2. I'm trying to wait ever so patiently for spring. I would take piles of muddy clothes to wash over kids and a Mom that are sick and tired of four walls and a roof!!! (come spring, I'm sure I'll be bitching about the laundry ;) that's ok, just bear with me)

3. I have been plastering the basement bathroom. I started 2 even 3 weeks ago and I think after 4 coats of mud I'm ready to sand...I hope. I have had LOTS of advice from the peanut gallery aka my hubby. But I didn't see him volunteering to try this so he is learning to zip it. (I'm not to proud to take advice, from someone who's done it before ;)) ha ha. Corey's aunt came down and showed me the basics, if I'm happy with it I'll continue with the rest of the basement. If not, someone will be making some money!!!

4. Calving has begun! We have two babies on the ground! 198 to go lol! (approximately)

5. I finally fed my birds today, as I'm filling the feeder they are taking it out lol, not shy anymore! Once they start they don't stop.

Have a great wknd!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

And the wind keeps blowing...

Sonya, I thought of you when I set this up for the boys. Flour + cookie sheet + tractors/trucks/trailers = fun for hours?? I think Reid would enjoy this! If you haven't thought of it already! It has already entertained the boys for almost two hours this morning!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Early Valentine's Day

Hubby surprised me with an early Valentine's Day gift! I love them!! Better than flowers anyday! (I still wouldn't say no to those either! ;))

There's post #2 for today!

Filling these cold winter days

Tanner has been in skating lessons for three weeks now and really enjoys it! Although it's taking quite awhile for his social skills to make an appearance! ;) And today with it being another cold day, I'm forced to find my creative side and make a tent for the boys. I did it in the porch so that the little ones wouldn't tear it down!  They are having fun. And trooper has no choice but to participate lol! Poor guy.

Stay warm and have a happy Tuesday!


Sunday, 2 February 2014


 Finally a nice day that all of us could spend the morning outside doing chores! It was great! Our kids would spend every minute of every day outside if we let them. Unfortunately this winter has been soooo cold and long we have not spent a lot of time outdoors. Apparently the groundhog said an early spring! Here's hoping!